Monday, June 1, 2015

Post Radio Interview : Ann Travolta- Actress & Sister of John Travolta Actor " Up Close and Personal "


In Case you missed it on Live Radio today 
Special Edition of the Laureen Trent Radio Show - Dubbed  "The Reenie and Annie Show" with my very Special Guest Ann Travolta - Actress, that's right Actor John Travolta's sister . 

Below is the post podcast for the time of your life and lots of laughs as we did a little acting on the air of  real life Character neighbor Ann , her Mom and  the entire Travolta family use to imitate 

Special Angie Wallace Skit- By Ann Travolta 

Also up close and personal growing up with John and  the  entire Travolta family

Annie will be on the show again Monday June 8th for more exciting fun and entertainment. Stay tuned for more
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