Thursday, February 26, 2015

Karen Gregory Awarded Stem Leadership Star Award

Melbourne, FL-

Karen Gregory SC-WID   Leadership Star Award 
 National Engineers Awards Banquet Silent Auction for Stem 

Karen Gregory HRSS Consulting Groups
and Joanne Longo  2015 President WIDs 

February 26th, 2015
The Event was Sponsored by the United Launch Alliance and Co  Sponsored by Canaveral Council of Technical  Societies and Space Coast Women in Defense .

When I asked Ms . Gregory to please tell me how she felt  about receiving the Stem Leadership Star Award  award below in blue is what she  told me. Again,  words of a A selfless, dedicated and patriotic citizen.

Karen Gregory's Statement on  the Stem Leadership  Star Award 

I am honored and blessed to be recognized by Space Coast Women In Defense (SCWID) as the STEM Leadership Star.  I would not be the leader I am today without the positive mentoring and strong leadership modeling of the women and men before me.   And it is  the wonderful "team of leaders" that I worked with over the past 2 1/2 years that made this award and recognition possible.  

The SCWID women and men who have given selflessly of their time and support are the STEM leaders who deserve the recognition.  They are the STEM champions, out in the community, raising awareness and demanding STEM not be overlooked.  It is their actions that have paved the way for others to follow...they are the true STEM role models.  

They work tirelessly to educate and grow STEM awareness throughout the Space Coast community and schools.  It is their efforts that have grown the Space Coast STEM Education Council to 100+ supporters.  They are visiting the schools, elementary to high school, growing support and creating excitement amongst our next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.  They are at the local colleges and universities showcasing STEM and how it applies to everyday life.  They are partnering with industry, encouraging and developing strong STEM collaborations.  They are devoted to fundraising and acquiring financial support for the SCWID STEM Scholarship each year that helps a young adult pursue a STEM-related college degree.  

These are the efforts of the strong women and men of SCWID.  These are the true STEM Leaders in our community.  They are the Stars that are shining the light on STEM.  And I'm just blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of it.  

Karen Gregory , Carol Craig 

Karen and her Husband Miguel 

Space Coast Women in Defense BOD - and Miguel 

Music by Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra 

National Engineer Awards Banquet and Silent Auction for Stem 

Write up below compliments of Awards Banquet Program Brochure  

On February 2013, the SC-WID President  and Founder , Ms Karen Gregory formed a STEM committee chartered with assessing the Stem needs of our community to explore ways where SC-WID members could support Stem education in our community, A selfless, dedicated and patriotic citizen.Karen knew that workforce projections for 2014 by the Department of Labor show that 15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations require significant science or mathematic training to successfully compete for a job, so she took action! Under her initiative The SC-WID committee canvased our community, performing a needs assessment, meeting with high school principals, academy directors, industry, community organization, and civic leaders and discovered our schools short on resources and a community willing to contribute their expertise, time, and resources to help. As a result, In October 2013, the SC-WID established the SC-STEM Education Council as a formal part of the SC-WID organization, since that time the SC Stem Education Council Membership has grown to over 100 active supporters  from all areas of the community. Ms Karen Gregory is also the President/Founder of HRSS Consulting Groups LLC, Merritt Island Florida and is a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserve supporting the Special Operations. 

 I would like to add by saying I know Karen Gregory personally , and there is no better friend to our small business community. With  newest events  started in the  small business  community in Downtown Historic Melbourne,  Speed Networking and Mastermind groups. She is helping the small business community grow to know one another, network with others from the county, and mastermind groups for growing their small business. For more information contact Karen Gregory at [email protected]

As President of HRSS Consulting Groups LLC , Karen brings 16 years of experience as a Behavior Scientist and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Her experience reflects a combination of leadership positions, human resource development and management, training and education, and organization assessment and development. Her passion, and her company's mission, is to identify and demonstrate to clients how to become more effective and efficient through leveraging their people and processes. 

As a Professional Business Coach and Strategic Advisor, she provides services specifically designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, her expertise as an Organization and Leadership Development Consultant allows her to diagnose larger clients' organizational health and develop "get well" plans that will drive results by becoming more effective and efficient organizations.    Continuation Link  

Look forward to  more detailed  News coverage and additional spot-lights  of  The National Engineers Awards Banquet Silent Auction for Stem in this Sunday's special  Community Edition of the Brevard Times by Laureen Trent Journalist for the Brevard Times.

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