Monday, October 13, 2014

Laureen Trent Radio Show - US Department of HUD - Armando Fana


Laureen Trent Real Estate and Community Radio Show
 October 13, 2014 1pm EST Wmel 1300 AM 
Live Podcast Now Available 

Special Guest Armando Fana – US Department of HUD

Up close and personal , Armando Fana brings the listeners The latest updates and newest HUD Programs action packed full of information and education .  

Armando Shares :
  • HUDS vision for 2014-2015 
  • History of FHA 
  • Affordable housing Initiatives 
  • Veteran Homelessness Programs 
  • Role of Housing Counselors 
  • CBDG, NSP,HOME, Ship 
  • How can Realtors be pro-active to help 
  • Foreclosure prevention Assistance community Emergency Response 
  • Emergency Response Initiatives 
  • and  much more
 live broadcast

US Dept. of HUD
Armando Fana, Field Office Director South Florida 

VP  Trent Realty 
Community Outreach 

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