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Community Golden Rules to Live By

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A business that is built for profit is apt to fail, but a business that is built for service is apt to succeed.”

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Golden Rule. Always treating others the way you would want to be treated if your roles were reversed. Easily the best management and personal philosophy ever devised!

Service Before Self.

Partners (clients/Customers/associates), community and family first. This is not always easy. But the hallmark of any leader worth his weight is his or her ability to put the needs of everyone else before their own and give credit freely where it is due while solely bearing the responsibility for any setbacks.

Going the Extra Mile.
Doing more than one is paid for and in a friendly spirit is best

Cooperation rather than Competition. 

Coordination of efforts with others towards common goals and objectives enables everyone to achieve them quicker and more efficiently, in a manner free of friction, jealousy, envy and a host of other deadly sins.

Community Involvement. It should not be something you do for show (to make your company look good) it is something to do because you care, and you have to mean it and for the most part I think others can see if you mean it or not, just be real! Do what you are passionate about.

Once engaged in your community the rest will come. Stay engaged and keep your feet in the proverbial mud.   When it comes to real estate most especially important , I can’t emphasize how important it equates to stay tapped in to the local and regional markets and be engaged with your local community.   

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