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Apollo 11 45 yrs Stories from the Space Coast- Wayne 14 years old !


45 years ago  at this time 6:45 pm EST July 22 , 1969 - Apollo11 is currently 162,700 miles from Earth, with velocity 4,185 feet per second, get ready for splash down and recovery ! 

                                             Apollo 11  45 Yrs 

                                  "Stories From the Space Coast  ".

As we continue to celebrate on the Space Coast of Florida , Apollo 11 45 yrs "Stories from the Space Coast". 

One: It proved to all other countries that (quoting JFK) "We would not remain in the backwash" of technology.

Two: Proved to U.S.S.R. that Sputnik, was a mere flash on the grand scale of Space travel.
And no matter how far behind the U.S. has gotten.....that is still the American Flag sitting on the moon!! ~            Wayne West 

Story by  Wayne West
Control room WMEL 1300 AM 

Story from Wayne West - Air Force Veteran 
WMEL 1300 AM - Control Room 
Picture taken by Wayne Wests Dad 

My Dad snapped this picture of President Kennedy, nearly climbing inside of a "Gemini" capsule in 1966...Kennedy was a "techno-freak", obsessed with gadgets as much as I am, and often commented that JFK would often get the head-sets & talk to the technicians on a mic...When they were only 3 feet from each other. He got so into the program....it had to work!

My Dad always wondered why I was keeping so much audio & rare video while still in High School.

He did NOT share my interest in Radio & often he would say, "Why bother"? 
Those comments continued from about age 10, on the very day I turned "14".
Which just happened to be July 20th, 1969.

When my father watched Neal Armstrong step on the moon he looked at me & said:
"Ok, now I know why"!  And he never pestered me again!  

Dad was more the engineering type... Who did "his" job, & never could see what effects the entire Apollo program had on the entire country. It leads me to mathematics, a job with NASA, and a passion for radio communications.

Today, Americans shy away from hi-tech fields & that's why China has a rover on the moon, and Japan dominates electronics & computer science. JFK pushed everyone in my generation to build it--"Make it Work""!

I hope to live long enough to see a similar "moon-rush" & subsequent race for MARS.
~ Wayne West 

This weeks Laureen Trent Radio Show WMEL 1300 AM 
with Wayne West clips of the Past  Apollo 11 , fantastic Show 

and Curt Smith Candidate County Commissioner District 4 


Thank You Wayne West 
 for your Story its wonderful and inspiring 
Happy Birthday 
 and  Thank You for your Service to America !

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Laureen Trent ~ VP  Trent Realty - Community Outreach
Writer/ Journalist  
Contributor: Wayne West , Control Room WMEL 1300 , Veteran United States Air Force 

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