Sunday, July 20, 2014

Apollo 11 45 yrs Stories from the Space Coast

Cape Canaveral -FL

This Day in History 
July 20, 1969

 Apollo 11 ; 45 years ago  today  landed the first humans on the Moon, Americans 
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind."Neil Armstrong

Apollo 11  45 Yrs 

"Stories From the Space Coast  ".

It has been a week of celebration of Apollo 11  across America, but there is a different kind of celebration going on the Space Coast of Florida.  Apollo 11 lifted off 45 years ago right here on our Space Coast of Florida home of Kennedy Space Center (Cape Kennedy)

There is a sense of American pride in the air on the Space Coast all this week. Most especially, today. The beaches are packed, the celebrations are plenty, stories are being shared, and the F16's have been flying across our beautiful beaches. 45 year celebrations will not be ending soon, not till way after splash down and recovery.

Here on the Space Coast of Florida we will be sharing the stories of those men and woman that worked and participated in helping Apollo 11. "The first men on the moon". 

Keep checking back throughout this celebratory event and If you constitute one of them please submit your story, thank you Friends. 

 Frank Montelione 

I was on the recovery crew. At the age of 21 you
 just went through the motions. I was the backup crane
 operator on the Secondary Recovery Ship. Now that I'm older
 I feel proud and humble to have been a part of history.
Frank Montelione

Thank you Frank for Your Service  !! 

Please Submit Your Story Apollo 11 ~ 45 years
 Readers keep checking back we will be adding stories 
& special broadcasts   

Writer/ Journalist

 Frank Montelione   July 20, 2014 

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