Saturday, April 19, 2014

Honor Dinner Congressional Medal of Honor Award Recipient SFC Melvin Morris


SFC Melvin Morris Medal of Honor Hero
 and Piper-Gardner American Legion Post 191 Melbourne Florida 

The Melbourne Chamber of Commerce of East Central Florida Veterans Resource Committee held an honor dinner on behalf of hometown Hero Melvin Morris. The Ceremony was held  at the Rialto Hilton Melbourne on Saturday April 19th.  Officials, friends, family and dignitaries were all in attendance to honor SFC Morris.

  Most prevalent in the crowd was the Piper- Gardner American Legion Post 191, of which he is a member. 

Joseph McNeil the commander of Post 191, stated that it was an incredible evening.  Leonard Ross 1st Vice Commander of Post 191, said , “ I am so proud this is the epitome of fellow veterans so honored and proud to be a part of his presence.” 

Also in attendance to honor Melvin Morris was the State of Florida American Legion Vice Commander Jay Conti, whom presented Melvin Morris with the Life Plaque. Numerous Florida State past commanders and present commanders, traveled from as far as Gainesville and Crystal River to join in the honor Morris.

During the ceremony SFC Morris's family presented gifts and sang songs. Melvin’s wife of 52 years, Mary Morris was also  honored and applauded.

Melbourne Regional Chamber Veteran Resource Committee Chair  Justin Anderson, a veteran himself,  worked tirelessly planning the event, carefully over seeing every detail. Mr Anderson  made sure it was an  evening of honor to remember, all the way down  to escorting  SFC Melvin  Morris off  with his family, after a massive picture taking at the end of the ceremony. 

Rob Media of Congressman Posey’s office presented SFC Melvin Morris with a Flag presentation, in which was flown over the capital, in addition to a Congressional Certificate of Appreciation.

 Commissioner Andy Anderson also recognized SFC Melvin Morris on behalf of the Brevard County Commission, along with Kathy Meehan  Mayor of Melbourne, and Melbourne Chamber John Moser.

A massive attendance was present from American Legion Post 191.  The entire Piper- Gardner American Legion Post 191 was called up to the stage  and joined in to  honor  in the recognition of SFC Melvin Morris.

Allow it to written and called into history this night April 19th, 2014 was named Melvin Morris Day, by Piper -Gardner American Legion Post 191.

On Sept. 17, 1969, while commanding the Third Company, Third Battalion of the IV Mobile Strike Force near Chi Lang. Then-Staff Sgt. Morris led an advance across enemy lines to recover a fallen comrade and single-handedly destroyed an enemy force that had pinned his battalion from a series of bunkers. Staff Sgt. Morris was shot three times as he ran back toward friendly lines with the American casualties, and did not stop until he reached safety.

It was a grand event to honor a hometown hero right here in our community and now for future honor Morris every April 19th on Melvin Morris Day right here in Brevard County for his courageous and brave service to our Country.

Justin Anderson, Melbourne Chamber Veteran Resource Committee 

SFC Melvin Morris Medal of Honor Recipient 

Andy Anderson Brevard County Commissioner 

The Florida American Legion Larry White, Jay Conti, Jim Ramos

DEOMI Color Guard 

Leonard Ross 1st Vice Commander Piper Gardner  American Legion Post 191 

SFC Melvin Morris Medal of Honor Recipient  and Rob Medina 

SFC Melvin Morris Medal of Honor Recipient and Jay Conti 

SFC Melvin Morris Medal of Honor Recipient and Rob Medina 

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