Friday, March 21, 2014

Brevard Gets It Right !

Cape Canaveral--Florida 
Career Source Brevard (formerly Work Force Brevard) held a job fair  March 20, 2014,   with registration of over 500 individual job seekers and over 30 Brevard County Employers.

The spin in the air was extraordinary! The fair was all in all a great success and a great benefit to all who were in attendance! The lay out was perfect, the place was packed and the atmosphere was very positive. Career Source Brevard hit a home run with this one!

Setup in an expo like fashion with each employer having a table and WiFi access. It was amazing just walking in the place. The Trent Realty team was greeted with open arms by  Catherine Terry and Kellyann Freeman Kerns Business Liaison's for Career Source Brevard.

Kellyann  and her husband purchased their first home from us a couple of years back and she went out of her way to say hello. This is what the whole event was about, caring enough to get those who are less fortunate in Brevard back on their feet. The gathering of employers and job hunters in the same room at the same time. A face to face communication, shaking of hands and an opportunity for us all. An event Brevard County wanted and needed in these difficult economic times.

One thing that most definitely stood out was the fact that of  all the job seekers that came through, a great number were men and women whom are US  veterans and active military. Raul Santana, a veteran himself, who is Career Source Brevard's Veteran Representative, said “We empower veterans who are seeking employment to transition into a new career, one of the efforts is our outreach to employers to engage in hiring our veterans”. Something we here at Trent are very passionate about and look forward to working with Career Source Brevard on going forward.

Just when you hear that so much is wrong, things have gone bad or times are so tough, Career Source Brevard puts on an event that has changed peoples lives in a matter of hours. In closing, don't ever give up, don't stop trying, push forward and keep the faith.  There is help in your community corner with Career Source Brevard and Trent Realty.

Contributor : Roy Trent , President Trent Realty Inc Florida   321-288-0910 
Contributor: Theodor Tonca: CEO Graham Theodor LTD, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Writer 

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