Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Red Hot Florida Real Estate Markets - VA home Loan

Cocoa, FL---

This weeks addition Monday May 18th The Laureen Trent Show Featuring Special Guest Patty Hammes VA home loan  expert . The Laureen Trent Radio Show Broadcasts Live every Monday and Wednesday at 1pm EST and can be heard on line globally at WMEL 1300

Live Link to listen to Post-show podcast below in case you missed it

PATTY Hammes, senior mortgage originator Strock and Tanner mortgage corporation
Patty Hammes is long standing national award winning Senior Mortgage Lender. She has been recognized both locally and nationally for her work in Real Estate Lending for Customer Service and Loan Production. for over 30 years. She
For over 30 years Patty has assisted thousands of clients. Since 1997 when the US Southern Command move its headquarters from Panama to Miami, Fl. Patty has been the leading lender to provide VA mortgages to our Veterans. Having officially established herself for many years with all branches of the armed forces within Southern Command, Patty was asked to assist in relocating hundreds of Veteran’s and their Families. The relocation for SPECIAL OPERATIONS SOUTH occurred in the 2003. Patty assisted over 163 families to obtain VA financing in Homestead and the surrounding Miami areas.

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