Monday, August 18, 2014

19th Amendment Exhibit and HBO Movie


For Immediate Release 

  photo is of Jo Solley-Hansen and mannequin Alice Paul currently at the Liberty Bell Museum

The Commodore John Barry DAR along with the Liberty Bell Museum has created a display reliving the history behind its ratification for the month of August.  

 The chapter will be showing the HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels, in the community room of the museum located at 1601 Oak Street Melbourne, FL at 1PM on August 26th. 

Women’s right to vote was a long hard battle and on the 26th of August 1920 the Anthony Amendment became law. The date coincides with our local primary elections.  In honor of those brave women that came before us .

Remember that right to vote  in your local primary elections. The Daughters of the American Revolution  and the Liberty Museum are dedicated to offering American history to young and old. 

Reservations are required. Please contact Jo Solley-Hansen 
at 321-956-7614 or email her [email protected] 
for reservations

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