Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kayak Baiting Reels in Dusky Shark

Satellite Beach -FL

This past weekend proved to be a very active couple days for shore fishing on the Space Coast.
Who needs a boat to catch the big one?  This Dusky was not  happy after a  10 minute tug of war.

The second shark caught within 24 hours . Kayak baiting using Bonito seemed to turn this Dusky  shark from hungry to angry that he got caught. After a few minutes on the shore and beach goers gathering around to watch the show . The fishers  flug  him back into the water with a strong swift throw . The Dusky Shark went from Angry to wanting to get the heck away from the crowd . He seemed quite scared and  happy to  swim  quick and far away from the Fishers who ; well lets say
 " taught him a lesson about who is boss  of the shores "

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